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We help tutors and students conveniently find each other through offering a quality and feature rich listing service. Our aim is to offer features that are useful and save you time. Our website is built with the mission to be quick, reliable, and secure.

Our website has been built from the ground up specifically for tutors and students in mind. You will not find our code on any open source website, and we have developed special security algorithms to keep your information safe coupled with the latest 256bit encryption.

Use of the website, and placing student or tutor listings is free. We also have paid Premium Tutor Listings which help pay for the maintenance and development of addition features.

From concept in 2009 to launch in 2010 we have continued to discuss with tutors and students the things that are important to you, and we hope this continues. We always appreciate any feedback and we will continue to refine to make the best experience possible.

If you would like to leave feedback please email us at support@seekatutor.com.au.

Our Origins

SeekaTutor.com.au was established in 2010 in a response to the need for a modern tutor directory to link students with tutors.  We believed that a secure, sophisticated, well-marketed website providing a meeting place for tutors and students as well as resources for tutors and students was needed in Australia. Although other websites were in existence they suffered serious flaws, particularly in security features for members.

SeekaTutor.com.au is owned by H2 Fusion Pty Ltd, ABN 47 157 720 379.


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