Student/Parent FAQs


How do I find a tutor?

There are two main ways of finding a tutor through

The first, you can simply do a quick search for a tutor based on location or subject, or even an advanced search where you can specify your requirements in greater detail. This will search our current database of listed tutors. To search for or contact tutors you do not need to register or pay any money, the only expection is you will need to register to use the Internal Messaging System.

The second metod, is to list your own student profile and have tutors contact you. To do this you will need to register as a student and place a student advertisement outlining your requirements. This is also completely free.


What should I discuss in the initial email/internal message I send to the tutor?

In the initial email/internal message to the tutor it is advisable to discuss specific subject(s) requiring tuition, student's year level, special circumstances/needs, location, commencement dates (e.g. ASAP, beginning next month) and contact details (phone number inclusion is optional).


How do I contact a tutor?

The tutor can be contacted by phone or email. If both phone number and email are not advertised, you can send an internal message that will be directed to their private email. To send an internal message you will first need to register. The Internal Messaging System acts as a buffer for students and tutors who do not want to public list their private contact information. The Internal Messaging System works much the same way as a webmail service does, and you can also set your preferences so that you are emailed you when you have received a message.


What should I discuss with the tutor during our initial conversation?

The first conversation can be treated as your personal interview of the tutor. You may wish to request a CV, references and a Working with Children’s Check from the tutor. You may wish to discuss experience, tutoring style, availability, place of tuition and cost.


Where can the tuition take place?

The tutoring sessions can be conducted in your home, the tutor’s home/teaching studio, public library, school, or café. It is advisable that the first session is supervised or conducted in a public place.


What if there are no tutors listed for my search criteria?

If there are no tutors listed for your search criteria, you are welcome to place a Student Advert where tutors can contact you by registering then going to the place Student Advert Page. We will post your advert on our website and tutors will be able to contact you directly.


How many tutors should I contact?

Your search may generate many matching tutors. Browse through each tutor's profile and contact tutors who have more experience in the subject(s) requiring tuition. Contact several tutors to improve your chance of finding the best tutor for your needs.


Tutor has not responded to my request. What should I do?

Most tutors respond to queries in a timely fashion. Occasionally, tutors may be delayed in responding due to reasons such as leave/vacation, illness or not having access to email. In some instances, tutors who are fully booked do not bother to respond to a request (we discourage our tutors in this behaviour). If you have not heard from the tutor within a few days, please try another tutor.

If you have sent a message via our Internal Message System you can check to see if the tutor has opened your message. When you logon to your Accounts Page and navigate to your Inbox you will notice that for any messages you have the envolope icon next to the message will change to indicate whether you have read it or not. Likewise, when you click on the Sent Messages link the envolope icon next to each message will indicate whether the receiver of the message has read the message or not.


I need help in a subject that is not listed. What should I do?

We have a comprehensive list of academic and non-academic subjects, and new subjects are added on a regular basis. If a subject is not listed please register and then place a student advert and tutors will contact you directly.


Is free to use?

It is entirely free to search for tutors using However, if you find it difficult to use the site or simply want us to do the job, a handling fee will apply. For more details about this extra service, please contact us.


What can I do if I manage to find a tutor after posting an advertisement? I don't want to receive any more replies from tutors.

If you have placed a student advertisement and no longer wish to receive contacts or want to hide the advertisement - you can hide all your advertisements from the preferences options in your Account Page. Click on the ' Hide or suspend any advertisements by me' option and update your preferences.


Is responsible for the quality or behavior of the tutors? is a platform to enable communication between tutors and parents/students. Transactions and private tutoring services conducted between tutors and students are entirely at your own risk. takes no responsibility for any misconduct of its members. takes no responsibility for members that have registered under false pretences or any attempts by members to mislead other members.

Also, takes no responsibility for any tutoring effects or any other trouble caused by the tuition. Please read our Terms of Use for more information.


Who are the tutors on your website?

Our tutors come from a wide range of occupational backgrounds including current and former tertiary lecturers, PhD and Masters graduates, current university students with exceptional academic records, experts of the arts such as musicians, painters, dancers and stage performers. Please note that does not manually check qualifications of tutors. As a result, anyone confident in their ability to tutor a subject is eligible to register as a tutor on our website. That's why it is important to read through the tutors' profile pages and to carefully interview tutors that you contact in order to select the most suitable tutor for your needs..


I have found a suitable tutor on your website quickly and easily, and I am quite happy. What can I do to thank you guys?

Firstly, it has been our pleasure in enabling you to find a suitable tutor. We appreciate constructive feedback regarding Also, we gratefully accept donations that can contribute towards keeping this site up and running, marketing the site to the Australian community and to researc


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