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Cleveland, QLD


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Hi, my name is Martin O'Hanlon.

I provide one-to-one maths tuition for grades 3-8 in your home, and I achieve results. I happily travel throughout Brisbane at no additional cost.

I am an experienced Queensland registered teacher (801916) now tutoring maths full time. I am a former principal, secondary maths teacher, and primary teacher.

I realise the difficulties that teachers face each day when teaching 20-30 students at the same time.
One-to-one tuition really is the best option, enabling each student to reach their true potential. 

I am the tutor of choice for many teachers and university lecturers (25% of my current student cohort).

For full details of my experience, qualifications and testimonials please visit my website.

Feel free to contact me 7 days a week.

All the best,


Alice McPhee (Teacher)

"As an experienced teacher myself, and as a parent to one of Martin O’Hanlon’s past high-school students, it is with pleasure that I offer this recommendation.
Martin is a highly professional and passionate maths teacher who loves teaching mathematics. Martin has the ability to demystify maths for students thereby allowing them to experience success. Martin has high expectations of his students because he believes they can achieve far more than they initially believe themselves."

"I have never learnt maths better than I have with Mr O'Hanlon."

"Mr O'Hanlon helped me to become faster and more confident with maths."

"I am a former student of Mr O'Hanlon and I always loved his class, he made complicated maths simple. He helped me complete maths that I never dreamed of doing. He is a great teacher."

"I like Mr O'Hanlon he tells us funny stories and he's a good teacher."

"I liked the way you reached us Mr O'Hanlon and I have learnt a lot in your class. You are a great teacher and I wish you all the best for the future. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher."

"I really enjoyed maths Mr O'Hanlon and I will miss you heaps."


I have many years of experience helping students with maths. I know one-to-one tuition works.


Awarded "My Favourite Teacher" Redlands District
B. Ed (honours)
Former high school maths teacher
Former primary teacher
Former principal
Queensland registered teacher

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