Tutor FAQs


How do I become a tutor?

We suggest you make your advertisement interesting and emphasise your specific skills, qualifications and experience. This is your chance to let parents/students know who you are and how you can help them with their learning.


How many subjects can I select?

You may select as many subjects as you feel you are qualified to tutor. Parents/students will be able to see your information including your education, qualifications and the subjects you have chosen.


Do I need to be certified to register?

Having a certification from a recognized institution enhances your professionalism, but it's not necessary for tutoring. Indeed, many tutors in our database are exceptional tertiary parents/students, business professionals and creative artists who are experts in their subject(s).


Do I need to renew my advertisement?

You do not need to renew your advertisement for standard tutor listings. However, if you are a Premium Tutor and let your subscription lapse your listing will automatically convert from a Premium Listing to a Standard Listing. If you have renewed your Premium Tutor subscription you do not need to relist your advertisement. You can edit your standard or premium advertisements are any time via your Accounts Page. You can renew your Premium Tutor Subscription via your Accounts Page at any time - this will simply extend your current subscription from when it expires.


Do I have to pay a registration fee?

It is free to register and advertise your service with SeekaTutor.com.au. Upgrading to a Premium advertisement can improve your image and give you priority placement in search results.


Do I need to renew for ad?

There is no expiry date for standard adverts. We may contact you annually to ask how you find the service and if you wish to continue advertising with SeekaTutor.com.au. We encourage you to login to your account on a regular basis and keep your listing up to date. Premium advertisements do have an expiry according to the period purchased and we will notify prior to expiry that your premium advert is due to expire.


How can I update my profile?

You can update your profile and make changes by logging in, go to your Accounts Page, and then clicking on the 'Edit Advertisement' option. Follow the links to edit the section of the advertisement you want. There may be other options available in your Accounts Page that will also affect your advertisement - such as setting your map location (for more accurate location), uploading a profile picture or logo, or uploading a video for your advertisement (only if you are a Premium Tutor).


How much can I earn from tutoring?

Hourly fees are set by each tutor and depend on the tutor's qualifications, the subject and the location. Beginning tutors and university parents/students charge around $30 per hour. Certified teachers and professional tutors often charge up to $50 or more per hour for their services.


What happens after I register and place my advertisement?

Your information will be entered into our database and will be available in a professionally designed personal webpage. Parents/students will be able to see your information including education, qualifications, tutor profile and the subjects you have selected.
The initial student/parent request will be forwarded to you by SeekaTutor.com.au After that, you will be in direct contact with your parent/student and SeekaTutor.com.au will not be involved in further interactions between you and that parent/student. You will be able to give your references, discuss your rates, availability and tutoring style. Please be sensitive to the needs of the student. They have contacted you because you have the expertise they require. Proper personal conduct and professionalism are important characteristics of a qualified tutor.


How many contacts should I expect to receive?

The number of contacts you receive will depend on several factors. These include location, subjects, your education, experience and qualifications. If you're an experienced tutor or a teacher, live in a metropolitan area, and teach popular subjects such as English, Maths, Science, and Social Studies, you can expect to receive more contacts. Many of our tutors receive their first tutoring request within a few days of registration. Some of our Premium Tutors have received as many as 20, 30, and even 50 tutoring requests in a period of few weeks to a few months.


Is SeekaTutor.com.au free to use?

You may place a standard tutor advertisement on this site for free. To gain access to additional advertisement features such as priority placement in search results you can upgrade to a paid premium listing.


How can I benefit from joining SeekaTutor.com.au?

Once you joined SeekaTutor.com.au, you will be able to advertise online for free. There is no commission fees, so any work your receive as a result of advertising on SeekaTutor.com.au is 100% paid directly to you. Students and parents can easily find your listing as they can search SeekaTutor.com.au and contact you for free. Even our Premium Tutor membership is very cost effective and the cost can be recovered in your first lesson. Many of our standard features on SeekaTutor.com.au are not every offered by other expensive tutoring websites.


How do I go about finding more parents/students to teach?

Firstly, ensure your profile is well written. A well written self-description significantly increases the chances of receiving more enquiries from new parents/students. Your profile needs to concisely and clearly state your expertise, qualifications and experience.
You can also find potential clients by periodically viewing student advertisements posted on our website.

Why do I have to register to see student's advertisements?

We respect student's privacy as well as we respect yours. We need to protect our members from spam and fraud. That's why we must keep track of who uses our website. Please note that we will never pass your information to third parties. Please refer to our 'Terms and Conditions/Privacy Statement' for more details.


How does SeekaTutor.com.au protect my privacy from spam and fraud?

SeekaTutor.com.au uses specifically designed encryption and security techniques coupled with the latest 256bit SSL encryption to protect the website and it's users.

We also offer students and tutors use of our Internal Messaging System which allows users to message each other without giving out private contact details. You can choose to be contacted by email when you receive an internal message and therefore alerted quickly to new students, however your actual email address remains hidden (unless you have placed it on your advertisement). Our system also use text validation when sending messages to discourage spamming - specifically from automated computer 'bots'. We require students and tutors to register to send internal messages and can be blocked from our system if we feel they are abusing this service.

If you feel you are receiving spam or fraudulent messages please contact us asap.

Each student and tutor listing has flagging feature that can be used to alert us to an spam, fraudulent, or inappropriate behaviour. Any abuse of SeekaTutor.com.au services may result in advertisements being withdrawn and/or members being banned without refund.


What can I do if I am temporally unavailable for tutoring?

You may suspend or hide your advertisements from searches and viewing on our website through the preferences options in your Account Page. Click on the ' Hide or suspend any advertisements by me' option and update your preferences.

If you have paid for a Premium Tutor subscription and you choose to hide your advertisements your subscription will NOT be extended. For example, if you pay for a 3 month Premium Tutor subscription and you elect to hide your advertisement for a month, you subscription will have 2 months remaining (not 3 months).


How can I change my password?

You can change your password via Change Password option in your Accounts Page. Passwords must be at least 8 characters long, do not contain any special characters (eg. &^*$#@ ), and are also case sensitive (lower case and upper case letter are treated as different).

If you forget your password you can have a temporary one generated via the login page. Click the link for forgotten password and follow the instructions. You can retrieve a new password via entering your email address and answering your recovery question you entered upon registration.


How can I changing or uploaded my profile picture?

Tutors, including Tutoring Companies, can upload a profile picture or logo via their Accounts Page and clicking the 'Change Profile Picture or Logo' option..


How do I place a YouTube Profile Video into my tutor advertisemet?

This feature is only available to Premium Tutors.

Login and go to your Accounts Page. Click on the YouTube option. From there paste in the address of your required YouTube Video (select address bar in YouTube window and by pressing CTRL + C, then switch to SeekaTutor.com.au window, select text box, and paste in address by pressing CTRL + V). To remove the YouTube video from your advertisement click the YouTube option again from your Accounts Page and then click the remove YouTube video link.

1. Copy YouTube Link

Copying link from YouTube video

2. Paste into text box.

Pasting link from YouTube into SeekaTutor.com.au


How do I upgrading to or renewing my Premium Tutor Membership?

You can renew your Premium Tutor status or upgrade to a Premium Tutor Listing at any time via your Accounts Page.
You do not have to wait until your subscription expires before renewing. Once your payment is confirmed your subscription will be added from when your current subscription will expiry.


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